For I have come to let you know, says the Spirit of the Lord, that I am your hope, I am your strength, and in this morning, as you surrender to me. Let me take hold of you, surrender into my love, surrender into my grace, for the winter has passed over your life, and i’m calling you, come closer now, come closer. I know and I have seen. I’ve seen the many tears being cried, I’ve seen the prayers of desperation, I’ve seen says the Lord. But you need to know that I will turn your mourning into dancing. I will turn your onslaughts into blessings. And even though it may feel as if I am leaving, I will never leave and I will never forsake. Though you feel tired, I know, I know, I know says the Lord. Come and find rest with me. Even though you feel your sins are many, know that I do not hold one against you. For I am your Lord and I am your God and I am your ABBA. I am the one that is for you never forget that. Do not let go of the dream, for I have given it to you says the Lord. But in this morning, yeah in this morning, I will restore, I will heal, I will put back to life, I will redeem. And there where there has been sorrow, joy will come. There where there has been torment, peace will come. For I say to you, my beloved, the time is at hand. I’m calling my bride, I’m calling my people, I’m calling my bride. And you will see me and I will see you. It’s not long anymore, it’s not long, I will see you and I will see you soon.

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