I hear the Lord whisper to me, I brought you to this place to tell you I am alive and well. I brought you to this place to rekindle My fire for Me. As John said: One will come that will baptize with water and with fire, so I say to you, I have brought you to a baptism of fire once again. I will light up My light within you says God. I will stir up the gifts that is within you. For My Body should arise in this hour. This is the brightest hour of My church says the Lord. I brought you to this place to rekindle you, to say to you, you have a position to take. To say to you, you have a task to do. To say to you, stand up, dust yourself off and come close to Me. For the brightest hour is on the church in the now, right here, right now, says the Lord. For I say to you, I laugh at the very enemies that whisper to you. I laugh at the satanic suggestions of Satan. I said to your enemy to be defeated more than 2000 years ago and he remains defeated. He will not be a conqueror in anyone of your lives. I called out a remnant of My people in this hour. I have called out a special group of people in this hour that will worship Me in Spirit and in Truth. Their hearts will penetrate heaven and their voices will penetrate heaven and their praise will penetrate heaven. I will respond immediately. I say to you, the same resurrection power that was in My Son, resides in you. For this is the hour of the church. Your hour of power, says the Lord. Receive from Me, take what you can from Me. I have no lack. I am the El-Shaddai. I am the Provider. I am you Everything. Take from Me.


I hear the Spirit of the Lord say to me: I am going to touch the hungry and the thirsty and the broken and the desperate. I am about to give you new organs. I am about to touch your bodies. I am about to change your lives. I am about to heal your families. I am about to heal your marriages. I am about to bring finances to you, says the Spirit of the Most High. Those who are hungry in this hour, says God, I will fill them once again from on high.






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