For I prophecy to the four breaths. To the East to the North and the South and the West: Rain shall come. For there where they have said there will be drought – I will appear, says the Lord. And if there’s no man that puts his mouth with him I put my mouth with him, says the Lord Himself.


For I will say to you I will bring rain across this nation I needed a man to agree with me and so I say to you rain shall come. It shall come from the east and the west and the north and the south, but rain shall come. And I say to you even in this day: there where they have said drought will be there will be no drought says the Lord.

For I will reach down from Heaven and I will touch your people once again.


For there is a remnant in this nation says the Lord, who have called out to My Name and have humbled themselves and have prayed. And so I have heard from Heaven and I will bring rain.  Yes I will bring it to the furthest Western part of this Nation says the Lord, it shall come in an abundance.


And that what your scientists and astrologists have said is impossible, I will make it possible. For I will pour down Heaven from above and I will open up the slush gates of Heaven once again. And you will see rain coming in this Nation, says the Lord, as a sign to you, that revival is coming to the Nation of South Africa!

For as I’ve said to you before, so I say to you again: I have gone to the very top of this Nation, and I have removed that one and I have prepared my man for this hour, and in your Parlement and in your schools and in your universities and in your colleges and in your homes the Name of Jesus Christ, My Son, shall be heard once again!  And every principality and every power and every wickeness of high places shall bow their knee.


For listen to Me now clouds, listen to Me now wind, says the Spirit of the Lord! For the (fourth): listen to Me now: from the South and the North and the East and the West, listen to Me, clouds, listen to Me, winds, for I command you: to bring rain into this nation! For the clouds will form, yes they will, and you shall bring rain, and the drought will be broken over your nation, and you will see your Rand stabilize, and it shall strengthen even against the dollar, and even against the Pound.

And there where they’ve predicted less than a percentage of economy growth over your Nation, I predict much more says the Spirit of the Lord.


For rain shall come!!!


I release rain upon this nation, Father, as You command me!


For in the next 7 days the weather system shall change, and I will break the back of Satan, for My judgment is not upon this nation, it’s not. For I break the back of Satan over this nation. And the principalities and the powers that have kept back the rain, that have kept back the life, that have kept back the fruit of your field and the fruit of you labour, they will stand aside in this day, for I will bring the rain.


And so I say to you: South Africa, South Africa, you shall know My Name. And your children shall walk the streets once again. For I see the Light, I don’t see the darkness. I see the Light, says the Lord. I see Light penetrating your schools, I see Light penetrating your universities, I see Light penetrating your Government. I see men and children and women humbling themselves before Me once again and calling upon My Name, and so I say to you, COME ALIVE SOUTH AFRICA, COME ALIVE IN THIS DAY, FOR YOUR DAY OF VISITATION IS HERE, says the Lord, for as it rains in the natural, so it shall rain in the spiritual! Rain has come! Rain shall be, from this day forth, untill I say so, says the Spirit of the Lord, in this day, in Jesus Name! Come on, give Jesus a shout of praise!


And so I prophecy to the Prinicipalities over the mayor cities of this nation: the Lord says He shall break your back, and your strongholds shall be destroyed over this nation, says the Lord.


For I will bring Life, and it shall come as the wind, it shall come as the rain, it shall come as a fresh breath, and you shall have life, South Africa, you shall have life. For who can stand against My Word, says the Lord. It shall not return unto Me void.


Father, we put our our mouths, our hearts, our lips with You. We believe You, Father. And we thank You, oh Lord, as Your people this morning, this houshold of faith thanks You Lord, that You’ve heard from Heaven, that You’ve seen from Heaven, and we thank You, that Your Kingdom shall come, Your will shall be done, in this Nation as it is in Heaven, In Jesus Name – if you agree with me, give a shout to Jesus!

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