We declare over this nation, South you will live, from the north to south, to the east to the west. South Africa, listen to the sound of the prophet. You shall live, listen to the sons and the daughters of God. You shall live in this day. We bind every devil, we bind every principality and father we thank you, South Africa you shall live. You shall have peace, you shall have joy, you shall have abundance, and you will have hope. Children will run in the streets again and moms and dads will have prosperity and will overflow. Satan you will not have this country. For as long as we are here, we are in line with heaven itself and we say father, let your kingdom come, let your will be done. As it is in heaven so shall it be in my nation says the Lord and says His children in this day.

For I prophesy to you says the Spirit of the Lord, that from this day I make a hedge between you and your enemies. For in this day I rise up against your enemies and when I rise up they will all be scattered in this day. For I declare unto today that a new day has come upon your life. I declare upon you health, restoration and peace. For I say to you, this is my day that I have made. Behold I am doing something new. And even as you leave this place in this day says the spirit of the Lord, as you walk expect my interruptions, expect my interventions, expect my surprises, expect my provision, expect me to show up and show off how much I love you, says the spirit of the Lord.

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