There shall be a move over your nation says the Lord. For I see a wave of God’s spirit arising over this nation. I see it washing over the dead places. I see a new season coming upon this nation and I hear the spirit of the Lord say to me, there where they have said, discord, dismay, poverty, death and evil will reign. There where they have said, there will be only death in this place, there where they have said there will be drought and dismay, I say to you, I send my wave. For my wave will come crashing in, yes it will, and I am in this hour, revealing the satanic plans of Satan, for I say to you I have chosen a remnant that will stand up in this hour, that will say: “enough of this evil, enough of they discord, enough of the hatred”. For I will send my wave upon your nation, yes I will. And it will come from your eastern borders, then it will move to your northern borders, then it will go to your southern borders, then it will hit yor western borders and the spirit of the Lord will flow like a mighty flood over this nation. I say to you the truth, that what they have planned in secret chambers, I am bringing into the light. For Satan thought he could take this nation, but I tell you the truth, your hour is here. For I have tarried up to now, I have waited up to now, but I want you to know, my arm is not short to heal, my right hand is not short to comfort, no it is not. For I will strike at the very heart on the satanic plan over your nation says God. For I will bless my people, there where there is poverty, suddenly I will turn it around for you says God. For I say to you I am calling sons and daughters, I am not calling vagabonds, I am not calling hirelings, I am calling those full of the blood, full of the blood, full of the blood and as they come to me, as they lay themselves down to me, as they give themselves holy to me, I tell you the truth you shall see a mighty wave across your nation. For Satan has in this time tried to hide away behind the curtains, he has tried to hide away closed doors, he has tried to hide away the hearts of men, but I tell you I am going to shed my light so brightly upon this nation, that nothing will be able to stop me and everything you see, everything your physical eyes see, it will turn says the Lord. For I have found a people in this nation, I have found a people that will worship me, I found a people that will stand with me, I have found a people that has said NO, and so I tell you as it was with Gideon, so it will be with you. I don’t need a multitude, I need a remnant to stand with me, to declare with me. And so I say to you, I tell you the truth, suddenly it will happen, from the north, from the south to the north, from the west, from the southern parts to the western parts, I will flood your nation. He that has ears, let him hear what the spirit is saying to you In jesus name we pray, amen and amen.

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