I prophecy: no more closed heavens, even over the city of Pretoria. The heavens will be opened and a portal will be opened in this place, I hear the Spirit saying to me. The realm of His Glory, the realm of His presence, His Glory is a dimension, His Glory is a realm that we have to enter into it. Under the anointing we go higher, under the Glory we go deeper. Under the Glory of God we go deeper. There is a depth that will come into this place. The Apostle Paul said: I pray to My God, I bow my knee, that you might know the width, the height, the breadth, the length and the depth of His love. He is speaking about a 3D picture, a 4 dimensional realm of the depth of the Glory of God. When Isaiah said, I saw the Lord high and lifted up and the train of his robe filled the temple over and over and over, the Glory gets thicker and it gets weightier and it gets deeper and deeper. There is no end to God’s presence. It is in this place.

I hear the Spirit of God say to me that this is only a light affliction. It is but for a moment. This sickness, this trouble, this family problems, you cannot pay your rent, whatever it is: Paul said it is only a light affliction and it is only but for a moment. It is working out. Energy from heaven, it is working out for you, a far more exceeding and eternal weight of the Glory of God. When you and I go through troubles, when we go through heartaches, the weight of the Glory of God increases upon your life, which means every time you go through hard times and you are making it through, you carry a reputation in the realm of the Spirit and the devil is getting afraid of you.

I see breakthrough, I see walls coming down. As you are praising Him, as you are rejoicing, I see your mountain coming down. I see poverty coming down.



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