I hear the Spirit of God saying to me that there will be freedom and there will be deliverance. I see there will be waves coming into this place. I see how people are standing right here, right now, that have chains that have to be broken. The Spirit of God is saying that My presence is in this place for the power to deliver. While I was praying I heard the Spirit of the Lord calling for those that are in this place and saying: I need freedom right now. I saw tormenting spirits, I saw nightmares. I saw those who are here and you are saying I am stagnant, I need a push forward, something is holding me back. Those with depression, those with rejection, those with any curse upon your life, anything that you know that you need deliverance from. Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit we cast out devils, but under the Glory of God, devils are illegal in this place.




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