I hear the Spirit of the Lord say to me, son, thank you for honouring Me, thank you for making place for Me. For there are many that do not make place for Me anymore. For there are many that have rejected Me in this hour. You are not one of them. You have made place for Me all the days of your life. So I say to you, you will behold with your eyes, your fleshly eyes, you will behold My Glory in this place. For as you have asked of Me, so I promise to you in this day, you will physically see with your eyes as this place becomes a fruitful place and as this place will transform into a forest. For you have made room for My Spirit and so I say to you My son, increase is on the increase for you. Blessings on the blessings on the blessings for you. For I have put a deeper and a higher and a wider attention of My authority and power upon you. For you have made room for Me and so in this night I make room for you. For I take you into My secret chambers where few go. For you have found favour with Me. For I release upon you even in this night a new dimension of power, a new dimension of authority. You will rule and reign in this place, not even just in this place but in the nation of South Africa and in the nations of this world. For I say to you thank you, thank you, thank you for making room for Me. For I give you double for what you have asked of Me in this night through the one that stands in front of you. I give you double, double, double. For I honour you because you have honoured Me in this night.





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