I baptize you in My Spirit of Fire in this hour. For those who are hungry and thirsty and are broken in this time says God, I will visit them. I will pour out My Spirit from on high upon them in this hour says God. You will be full of My Holy Ghost fire and you will see signs and wonders. I say to you the hour of My visitation is upon you in the now. For do not fear, for everything should be shaken that can be shaken. The only thing that cannot be shaken, that stands being unshaken, is My Kingdom, says God. You will see signs in this nation, all around, you will see signs. Signs that say the season is upon you, the season of My coming, the season of My latter glory, the season of My presence, the season of My outpouring, the season of power, the season of glory, the season of authority. I say to you, fill up your land with My holy anointing oil. Fill up your land and be filled with My presence in this hour. I say to you: I will only come upon those that are full of My presence. I will only come upon those that are hungry and thirsty for Me. As a dear panteth by the rivers so your soul need to prosper and panteth after Me says God. But I will lift My people above the world in this hour say the Most High. I will make them the standard. The enemy will give riches unto them and the enemy will provide for them. For as I did with My people in the days of Moses, so I am going to do with My church in this hour. I will raise them up, so that they may become the standard in the now, in the natural, in the spiritual, in every physical realm. My church will be the standard says the Most High. Bring your heart, for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is about to visit this place.



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