I see a wave of God’s Spirit coming. I hear the thundering of a mighty wind. I hear the wave of the Spirit approaching. I hear the Spirit saying: He or she that thirsts after Me in this hour, in this moment, right now, I will fill with My Spirit once again. My Spirit has come to fill My Church once again. I hear the rumbling of a mighty wave of God coming. I see the Spirit of God falling on my people.

I hear the Lord say: As you come to Me in the secret place, so My shadow shall come upon you in this hour and you will be a people that will dwell under My shadow, says the Almighty One. For I say to you: as a hen gathers her chicks, so My Spirit gathers you in this hour. I hear the Lord say: Hide in My secret place, hide in My presence, hide in My glory. The enemy shall not find you. I declare over you, says the Lord, that you are changed forever more. You have encountered Me. I say: do not worry about the day of tomorrow. Do not be concerned for the day after tomorrow, for I am already in your tomorrow. No one is greater than I.

For I say to you, I am raising you up in this hour. My Spirit and My Power and My Glory and My Face will shine upon you. You will shine like a bright light into the darkness and My people will pierce the darkness once again. For the time has arrived says God where I will take one of My people and I shall empty a hospital. I shall take one young person and I shall save a school. I shall take one person and save a nation. The time has arrived of My Kingdom. I say to you South Africa, listen to the Spirit of the Most High, revival has come upon you. In this hour we bind the strongman of South Africa. We bind the prince of the powers of the air and we say to you Satan, you are defeated in this hour, for the spirit of life has come upon the nation of South Africa. I hear the Spirit say: this will not be called dark Africa, this will be called the continent of light. I am sending Africans into the nations of the world and as they have come in the past to you, so I am sending you to them. Africa will be known as My continent of Light. Do not fear, do not be afraid, just hide with Me.

I am calling you in this hour, I am taking note of you in this hour, revival is upon you. Every area of your life will come to light, every area of your life will prosper. Whatever you touch will prosper, wherever you go will prosper. My favour will chase you down. My favour will seek you out. My favour will hunt you down. As you go to your workplace, My favour will be there. As you go to your families, My favour will be there. As you go to your schools, My favour will be there. Wherever you go, My favour will be. I say to you in this night, My shadow overcomes you and overshadows you in this hour right now. In this time, right now, says the Lord.





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