I prophecy to you that there will be no El Nino in South Africa. For the Spirit of the Lord came into my house yesterday and He said to me, prophecy to the four winds, Gebhardt, for there will be no El Nino, there will be El Shaddai. So I prophecy to the river systems and the sea and the dam systems of this nation: you shall be filled. Hear the Word of the Lord, you shall be filled. I will not be amongst those that are nay sayers and that are negative and speak death over this beloved country. Because God is about to do something supernatural in this nation. I don’t care what the newspapers say nor what some say. It is not what some say, it is what He says and He says I am in control, I have a destiny, I have a purpose, I have a plan. Not any evil spirit or principality nor a power will deter Him from His plan.




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