The Spirit of the Lord says, to the church in the South, to the church in Pretoria, to the church in South Africa: The gates of Hell shall not prevail against you, no they shall not.

The Spirit of the Lord says: The gates of Hell shall not prevail against you. The gates of Hell, shall not prevail against you. For too long the gates of hell have resisted you, have defied you, have kept you out of accessing the plans of the enemy that you might strike him down. For his defences have been well established up until this time. His gates, yes, the gates of Hell, has kept him hidden, has kept him hidden from your sight. And therefore, after attack after attack after attack, he would retreat and reside in secrecy and darkness beyond the gates of hell. But now the Spirit of the Lord says in this hour, the gates of hell shall not prevail. For no longer shall the enemy’s secrets remain secrets. For now God says, I shall begin to open up the eyes of your understanding. And the prophets shall see, and they shall prophesy, they shall declare and they shall decree what the enemy is planning to do and destroy him in it. For this hour God says My Word shall go forth like a consuming fire, there shall be no place for the enemy to hide. There shall be no place where the enemy shall have no fear. For I shall take those who are called by My Name, I shall put My Spirit upon them and take them out and put them in My Spirit, and I will cause them to see, and they shall begin to see and then they shall begin top decree.

And so I prophesy. For right now I stand beyond the gates of Hell, what is this I see? No! No! I command you to cease with immediate effect in every written requirement of the law that I see that you have written against them, and every indictment, every accusation, every plan that you have written in your books Satan against My people says the Lord, shall not prevail against them! Yes you shall, you shall obey. Yes! And I loose the light into the darkness, and I loose the fire of the Holy Spirit, that consumes, every written requirement against God’s leaders in this nation. Your plans against their children shall not prevail. Your plans against this nation shall not prevail. Your plans to bring destruction and perjure shall not prevail. Your plans to bring chaos, shall not prevail. Your plans to try and stop the momentum and acceleration of My Church shall not prevail says the Lord. For I say to you Satan, says the Lord God

Almighty, your plans shall not prevail. It is My plans, and My purposes, and My secrets shall prevail says the Spirit of the Lord God Almighty. In this place – somebody shout Hallelujah. The false fire, the false fire that you’ve ignited in the dark places, in the secret places of rebellion, in the secret places of anarchy. The false fire of religion, without the breath of the Holy Spirit shall no longer be fanned by the fuel of accusation, of condemnation. For the ministry of condemnation shall begin to cease, as the ministry of righteousness begins to arise driven by the breath of My Spirit. And where My Spirit is, there is freedom. For so it is says the Lord, that I shall bring freedom, and liberty into My church, and they shall once again begin to understand, that My Kingdom, is not in food, is not in drink, but My Kingdom is righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. And so it is in this hour that I shall cause the ministry of righteous arise, and there shall no longer be a veil. A veil that shall cover their faces. For they with unveiled faces shall see clearly and they shall have a glory that shall never fade and they shall arise and they shall discover the great treasure within, and they shall discover the ability to go beyond, being hard pressed, but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair, persecuted, but not forsaken, struck down, but not destroyed, forever carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus Christ that the life of Christ might be made manifest through their mortal bodies. And so it is, the false fire, shall be overtaken and consumed by My fire, for I am a consuming fire for our enemies and once again flames as of burning fire shall come upon them and shall ignite their tongues that there shall be a speech and I shall put My fire in their breaths. And the Spirit of the Lord says My fire, My consuming fire shall cause My ministers to become flames of fire. And so it is that My ministers shall go to and fro, yes they shall go to the highways and the byways, they shall go forth and I shall raise them up as labourers for the great harvest that I have allotted for this generation and those that have breath in my church and the bride of Christ in this hour. And so it is God says that My plans shall prevail. The plans of the enemy shall never prevail.

My Plans, My Purposes, My Will, My Destiny, My Future, My Life, My Love, My Glory, My Power, My Kingdom, My Rule shall prevail in the church in South Africa says the Lord. Somebody shout yeah! Yes Lord – Yes Lord.


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