Africa, the continent of Africa. I want to address you. I will address this continent that has been called the Dark Continent. But I say to you, Africa, and as this sound has gone into the earth, so let My words go to the ends of the continent of Africa: to the North and the South, and the East and the West. The Spirit of the Lord says: that the wind of My Spirit shall bring forth a sound, an unusual sound that shall cause, once again, the ears of my people to go open. And once again they shall begin to hear, they shall begin to know, and they shall begin to understand. For the Spirit of the Lord says: the children in Africa, I hear their cries, I see their terror, I see the innocent blood that has been shed on the soil of Africa. But the little ones that the enemy has desired to silence. The little ones that had been appointed for a time such as this. The little ones who have lifted up their voices to the heavens: I have heard their cries, and I shall be silent no longer. For the Spirit of the Lord says: I shall breathe upon this continent. There shall be a great surprise to many, who, like My people of old, when they heard My Voice chose to harden their hearts, for they would not heed My ways. But there is a people who are called by My Name, who have humbled themselves and prayed. They have turned from their wicked ways, and I said I would hear, and I would answer from heaven. And shall I not pardon a city for just one man who seeks after justice and truth. Shall I not pardon two cities – should I find two. Shall I not pardon you, South Africa. Shall I not pardon this continent because of the innocent hands of many who have not looked to the works of Satan, but have looked to My works of Calvary.

For so it shall be in this hour, says the Spirit of the Lord, that this nation and this continent shall not be saved nor delivered by man’s hands, nor by demonic faith, nor by intellectual faith. But this nation and this continent shall be delivered by the power of My Spirit, that shall breathe the Voice of My Word into the soil of Africa, and I shall cause those who have pointed the finger – those who have pointed the finger, those who have mocked, those who have said: aha, aha – they shall hang their heads in shame. For even now the forces of darkness begin to turn away from their deeds. For I will strike them with confusion. And I will cause them to make an about turn. And I shall cause them to go the wrong way. I shall cause them to end up in prison. For I shall take them and I shall bind them with fetters of chains and iron. And I will limit their workings in this hour for this is My Time says the Lord, that was spoken of by the Prophet Isaiah. This is My Time, says the Lord, that was spoken of by My Prophet Daniel. This is My Time, says the Lord, that was spoken of by My Son, Jesus, Yeshua, The Christos. This is My Time, says the Lord, that was spoken by My servant, the Apostle Paul. This is My Time, says the Lord, that was spoken by My beloved, John, My servant and My friend.

And so it is in this hour, that there is a sound that I am releasing in this earth, driven by a multitude, yes, a multitude of witnesses, yes, a great cloud of witnesses that cheer you on in this hour, joined together by My Holy angels that are being inspired by My Spirit to go forth across the breadth, the width and the length of this nation and the continent of Africa.

And so it is that they will say in tomorrow, they will say in the future that Africa is no longer a dark continent, but Africa is a continent of light. For they shall say: Africa has changed. And I will take the little children, says the Lord, and I will raise them up, and they shall become presidents and kings. They shall become business men and business women. They shall become doctors and lawyers. They shall become business men and business women. And I shall put My Spirit upon them, and My Kingdom shall advance. Yes, shall be it with violence, but those who have suffered the violence of the enemy, and they have survived – they shall arise in this hour to revive the nations on this continent. And in 30 years from now, in almost 30 years from now, they shall rise up and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord.

And it shall be that I shall start with an unusual expression in this nation, South Africa. For I will, says the Lord, I will, I will invade the highest seat in this land, and I will place a president that will stand and declare that Jesus Christ is Lord of South Africa. China, China, you shall not have South Africa. Russia, you shall not have South Africa. The beast of the East, you shall not have South Africa.Jesus Christ shall have South Africa. Come on, give Him a shout of praise! Shout with a voice of triumph! For the banner over you is love. For I have placed My Light in every city of this nation. And tell Me: can darkness overcome the light? Tell Me, you who question Me: where were you when I created the heavens and the earth? Who are you who would tell Me no! Who are you, who would say it is not possible? Who are you who would defy Me in this hour? See, I will take those who have a different spirit and I will raise them up to become mighty and bold as lions. And I am raising up a people that shall once again hear My Voice, once again know My Voice, once again be led by My Precious Holy Spirit. And these shall rise up and not break rank as was prophesied by My Son and servant, the Prophet Joel. For surely in this hour I shall raise up a mighty army, and with them I shall run through a troop, with them I shall scale a wall. And there is no enemy that shall stand before them for I am the Lord of Hosts. I am the Captain, of the Lord of Hosts. And even now My angels are moving to and fro across this earth like never before. Even now they stand surrounding this building keeping watch with the watchmen, standing strong with the strong, delivering together with those who deliver, standing in obedience with those who obey, moving as fire with My ministers of fire. For in this hour My fire shall once again burn bright like lightning and I shall strike the enemy down and I shall place him underneath your feet for have I not said that I give you authority and I give you power over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means harm you. Do you believe, My child? Do you believe in your heart, My child? For as you believe with your heart in this night, so it shall be done for you says the Lord! Shout Hallelujah!

Give Him a shout of praise please. Come on!


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