I baptize you in fire and I baptize you in fear. I baptize you in fire and I baptize you in fear. For My children will once again fear My name says the Lord. They will know that I Am the great I Am. They will know that I Am the One that Was and Is and Is to Come. For I will put My fear on this planet says the Lord, for the just and the unjust. They will fear Me says the Lord. But for you that seek Me, for you that want Me, for you that desire Me, for you that prioritize your life around Me, I will be your God. I will be your God. And I put on you a new fire in this night says God. The fire of fear, a fire of honour and a burning of love. I am about to save My planet with My glory in a way that My sons and My daughters have not seen. I say to you, My church, the time is now. Let go of that that hinders you. Get rid of sin. Get rid of that that defiles your spirit and your flesh. For soon you will see signs in a cloud. But before that day a fire is starting in My church. I will burn the dross and I will burn the yokes and I will burn the sins of My people. For I desire you to be holy says God. Without holiness none of you will see Me. None of you will behold My face. With some of you tonight I put in your hearts a fear for Me. Fear Me says God.
I have heard the cries of South Africa. I have heard the bloodshed, I have seen the dross, so I prophecy to you South Africa, you will not be a nation of darkness. For in this very night I strip the powers and principalities and wickedness of high places. I strip them of their authority. For you will see many sons and daughters coming to My house says God. But I warn you says the Lord, give them shade, give them help, do not be like the Pharisees and the Sadducees that didn’t help My people. For I will go to the very top of this nation and I will remove every unjust one, one by one. And South Africa will fear My name.
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