God calls His prophet Hosea to go and marry a harlot. Someone a holy man will never ever dream of marrying. Yet this is God’s instruction: “Go and marry the harlot to show My people they are in adultery against me” (Ho- sea 1:2). This story is a bit nutty and makes little sense if you look at it through the eyes of your own so-called good deeds. But if you’re the harlot you want this story to be told.

Hosea, a righteous man, God’s man, needs to humble himself by marrying a woman that most men would not. What’s more, Hosea needs to let go of his prestige, his ego and his self-righteousness to complete the task of God. For the first couple of years all goes well and Hosea and Gomer is doing fine. They have a couple of kids but then Gomer runs away and God gives Hosea the command to go and find her.

Now imagine this holy man of God, the very mouthpiece of the Almighty, walking the shady, shanty streets to find his unfaithful harlot wife. And he does find her – right there on the selling block where they sold slaves. Stripped of her self-worth, dignity and pride, head hanging, betrayed, misused, abused and lonely. She hears the bidding but it is low. Her worth is diminishing at each bidding as the price does not go higher than what you would pay for a normal small piece of bread. She thinks to herself “has my worth diminished so low that I am worth nothing?” But then, in the crowd, she hears a familiar voice, the husky voice of Hosea saying “500 shekels of silver”! The people gasps! Who is this crazy man to bid so much on a harlot? The people turn around and see Hosea. Some recognize him and are surprised. Others just grimace at this ridiculous price. But Gomer’s shackles are removed and she is free. At this moment God speaks to Hosea again and tells him to marry her again and renew his vows to her! Scandalous, ridiculous, crazy! Difficult to believe, unless its God!

The story goes on where Hosea needs to renew his vows to Gomer even if she was not faithful. This makes no sense. unless it is an image birthed by God through a true story to show us Jesus and to reveal the harlots in us. James says that friendship with the world is adultery against God. Friendship. This Scripture does not underscore alienation from the world, yet that our friendship, worth and love remains with God. We are in the world but not from this world. We are chosen out of this world to reveal unto the world the scandalous love of God. Once we are found we must seek the other sons and daughters of God. We are the harlots. We can be the Hosea’s if we are just willing to embrace the call to go out and seek and save those that are lost. We can’t find the lost in His love if we ourselves are still enemies of love. Only in Love can we become the sons we are meant to be. Being a harlot makes you dependent on love. But when love is found, identity is rebirthed and the beauty of what once was comes to the fore. They are many Gomers in the world and there are many Gomers in the church. All in need of God’s love, all in need of God’s scandalous grace and acceptance!

Can we become carriers of this grace and love? Can we show the Gomers, including ourselves, that there is a God and a Father that loves us deeply and profoundly; to such an extent that He just won’t give up. If we can get the revelation of love all other spiritual essentials would become clear. We will have faith because we know the reason why we can believe is because God loves us and is interested in our daily affairs. We can exit our life of slavery to needs and wants, bills and expenses, free from worries and woes, enemies and the praise of men, and we can step to a higher dimension the Love of God! Let’s go there together!!

Prayer Mail (9 April 2018)
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