Faith Promise is a voluntary contribution that a person makes to give a fixed amount of money to a church’s outreach budget over a period of one year.

This contribution does not impact on one’s normal tithes and offerings, but is an amount over and above that, which is specifically focused on missions annd outreach and is arrived at by extending one’s faith – trusting God that you will be able to give the amount promised.

In the light of this, it is important to trust God to direct you regarding the amount to be pledged. it is not based on your financial means or any excess in your budget.

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Category 1: Community Service R302 000

Reaching out in local communities:
Addiction Support; Aids Support; Children’s Outreach; Community Clean-up; Life Group Outreaches; Family Health; Financial Advice; Geriatric Care; Hospital Ministry; Poverty Relief; Prison Ministry; Street Store Outreach; Welfare Support; Widow Support; Gideons Bible Distribution; Lintle Community Development; Dorandia Children’s Home (orphans); Street Children; Adult Literacy; Personal Evangelism / Bridge Builders; Malls Outreach; Schools Outreach; Legal Advice; Life Coaching; Health/Medical Care; Training of Labourers; Women’s Outreach.

Job Creation:
Soft Skills Development; Marketplace Ministry; CLAY Project Support; Training SME’s

Empower Christian Academy:
School Support; Teachers Training; E-learning; Computer Literacy; Educational Development; Facility Improvement

Local Schools:
Life Skills for Learners; Child Development Support; Schools Outreach; Parent Support; Teacher Support

Category 2: Apostolic Function / Ministry Support R1 131 000

Church planting:
Church Planting and Support; Community Upliftment.

Gauteng Pastors Association; National and International Networking and Training; Pastoring of Pastors; Freedom of Religion in SA.

Community Leaders Development:
Church Leaders Development; Community Leaders Development; Youth Leaders Development; School of Leadership Excellence; Publications for Africa.

Missions Support:
Missions Development and Training; Cross-border Outreaches and Missions Support; International Evangelism.

Category 3: Media Outreach R889 000

TV Outreach:
Empower TV; Programming for Leaders; Production Team Training; Online TV broadcasts.

Other Media:
Social Media Outreach; Print Media Outreach.

Category 4: Inhouse / Administrative R78 000

Missions Vehicle; Bus Services.

Missions Promotion:
Conference Printing; Conference Outreaches; Conference Hosting.

Bank Costs; Printing; General Administration.

Total cost for all activities during 2018/2019: R 2 400 000

New Faith Promise goal for all 2019/2020 activities: R2 900 000