Ephesians 4:27, “ Neither give Satan any foothold”.

The above scripture warns believers not to give the enemy a foothold, and one of the ways in which you can give him access into your life is by what you say. The enemy uses our tongue to sow destruction in in our lives and even in the lives of loved ones at times (Romans 13:3, James 3:5-6)

A good guard to use when speaking to others and even over ourselves is to apply the following: BEFORE THE TONGUE SPEAKS IT MUST HAVE LOST THE POWER TO WOUND because the reality is that THE TONGUE KILLS WITHOUT DRAWING BLOOD.

Proverbs 18:21states that, “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”
Faith of any kind comes by hearing – therefore what we speak over ourselves or others can come into being and dictate our lives for years and even lifetimes:

  • You’re just like your mommy
  • You’re fat and ugly like your sister
  • You’re not good enough
  • You can’t handle the truth

And is it not true that every time you hit a low place that those voices come back????  It is because you have never changed your belief – and the lies still dictate your life. You will never be free and healed and whole unless you change your belief !!!!!The lady prostitute only believed she could be used and abused until she met Jesus and grace gave her a new name (John 8).  The lady with the issue of blood only got healed until she believed something else about herself for she said unto herself “if I might just touch the hem of his garment” (Luke 8:43-48).

The man that lay next to the pool for 38 years (John 5)- he is staring into the pool – he could see what he could not reach ……the torture is the fact that he is next to life but unable to enter into it! His reason for not reaching the pool was that “someone always gets ahead into the pool and I don’t have anybody” – DYSFUNCTIONAL PEOPLE ALWAYS BLAMES  THE FLESH. In other words, thelame man was saying to Jesus, “ I AM STUCK BECAUSE SOMEONE HAVE NOT OR IS NOT HELPING ME”.

We have a responsibility to speak the truth to those we love – the truth is never comfortable but it is necessary to save. Love reveals – if we really love someone, we will speak the truth to them as it will save them from destruction. But there is a difference between speaking the truth in love and breaking others, and even ourselves down with our tongues. Often the words we speak nullify our prayers as they are in contradiction. Our tongues have the potential to bring life into our house and we must speak life into our family. Bekind to yourself and others through your words – we have the ability to introduce Jesus through our words. Stop rolling out the red carpet for the devil in your house and in your life. Many of us have had words that contradict God’s truth spoke over us – somebody once said can create or break and so it is time to align your mouth with God’s Word.


If you are ready to make the change by choosing to speak God’s truth over yourself and others, please pray this prayer with us:
Heavenly Father, I repent of every word of death, condemnation and judgement that I have spoken over my own life, over my family or over other people. Forgive me for every word that I have spoken knowingly or unknowingly, with intent or with no intent. Wipe them away and forgive me – cancel all the words of death that have been spoken by me.
Align my heart and my mouth with what You have said about me:

REMEMBER THIS: YOU are HIS BELOVED and HIS DESIRE is for you! (Song of Songs 7:10)We are praying for you!

Much love,
Ps Gebhardt and Shannon

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