The day your child is born, God entrusts you with an eternal soul, spirit in a body which carries your DNA and would be raised and formed by your EXAMPLE, your WORDS, your ATTITUDES, your ACTIONS! The FOUNDATION you as PARENT lay, is vital as to WHO, WHAT and HOW the child will develop!

Being a parent is a great responsibility and requires an unwavering commitment to a God-centered life. God does not expect us to be perfect parents, but if we take this responsibility serious, we will realize that we cannot do it without Him (Proverbs 3:5-7).

As with everything else in our lives, the starting point for being the best parent you can be for your child, lies in your personal relationship with the Father. It is only when we proceed from this place that we can start this journey with confidence – as we understand His heart for us, we will also understand His heart for our children and this will give us the godly perspective we need.

Today, there are so many books on how to raise, develop and discipline your children and while they are very good and helpful tools, these sources of information can never replace the Word of God – the Bible contains all the guidance and instruction we might ever need to raise our children the best possible way – God’s way! (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

There are different types of parenting styles and we often choose or follow in a style that might resemble the style our parents used with us, but many of these parenting styles are not rooted in the love and in the Word of God. As a believer, we need to make a decision to do things differently if we find ourselves in a situation where our experience or upbringing contradicts the ways of God – and it can be done! The Bible teaches us that GOD LOVES US, DIED FOR US, and that He IS LOVING YET FIRM! Thus, as parents we should follow His example for He is a GOOD FATHER. We should be LOVING-FIRM parents – being consistent and unconditional in our love, yet being firm by creating and enforcing appropriate boundaries that cause a child to feel safe and secure.

As our Heavenly Father loves us and leads us to become who He has created us to be, so we, as parents, should aim to do the same. Our relation with our children will ultimately be the foundation from which they relate to God – a mammoth responsibility, but also a divine privilege at the same time!
You can do this – God believes in YOU! You are His perfect choice – go for it!

We are praying for you!

Much love,
Ps Gebhardt and Shannon

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