Matthew 3:16,” And when Jesus was baptized, immediately he went up from the water, and behold, the heavens were opened to him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming to rest (remained) on him”
From the above scripture, we know that the “Dove” represents God’s Spirit, but this is not all– the remainder of the scripture reveals that the “Dove” (God’s Spirit) remained on Him.

If you understand a little about birds, you will know that while a pigeon will remain when amidst noise and movement, a dove would not. A dove is so sensitive and can easily be scared away. When considering the above verse, this information becomes very interesting because it meant that Jesus, who He was and the life He lived, was one that was conscious of God’ Spirit and as a result, the Spirit did not only rest on Him but remained on Him as well.

God is looking for DOVE SENSITIVE PEOPLE!

Isaiah 64:1states, “Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains would tremble before you!”
This speaks of a people who are hungry for Him, for His presence and who are willing to become a place of habitation for His Spirit – His anointing.


When Jesus was baptized, the heavens went open – they were literally torn open above Jesus. Interestingly, the same word that was used to describe the split rocks and torn veil at the crucifixion of Jesus, is used here to describe this occurrence. It was a significant and intentional event!

God planned and pre-destined for us to have His anointing upon our lives!
If Holy Spirit is the down-payment (deposit) it means that much more is coming (2 Corinthians 5:5) – what we are experiencing now is a mere taste of what is to come!

As Christians, we cannot live in the past, as the past has been purchased – FULLY. We live in the future and in the NOW because the Word of God clearly states that FAITH is NOW (Hebrews 11:1). This means that all the promises and purposes God has for us are available NOW – not tomorrow, or later, or next week – NOW!

When Satan tempted Adam – he wanted him to doubt who God is – in His goodness, kindness and love towards them. But with Jesus, he tempted Him with Himself – testing to see if Jesus believed who God said He was (His beloved Son, in whom He was well pleased – Matthew 3:17). Jesus was tempted on His IDENTITY.

The question is, ‘Do you believe what He has said over you?”


NOW, IF THE HEAVENS had been opened for JESUS’ sake only – the Bible would have recorded the closing thereof as well, but it DOES NOT! When the Heavens opened for Jesus, it opened for all of us – and it remained that way! CAN IT BE THAT WE ARE LIVING UNDER AN OPEN HEAVEN, but that we do not BELIEVE it, and because of this we do not see it?


Jesus never equipped you or told you what to do with UNANSWERED PRAYER- can it be because there is not supposed to be any answered prayers as all prayers have been purposed for answer in the place of communion – the place where we cry out ‘Abba’ and where we have intimacy and fellowship with the One who loves us with a furious love?
1 Samuel 16: 11-13 records the story of Jesse and his sons who were gathered together by the prophet Samuel so that he may anoint the one whom God had chosen. The Bible records how Jesse presented all his sons before Samuel, but that none of them was the chosen one. It was only after the prophet Samuel enquired if there were any more sons, that Jesses made mention of his youngest son, who had been tending the sheep. Samuel immediately sent for this son and upon seeing him, the Lord said to Samuel to rise and anoint him as king.
As David, the youngest son, walked to his father’s house, he never knew that this would be his last walk as a shepherd’s boy and that the next time he would be walking from that house that he would be dripping with oil, saturated with the anointing, or that he would be the King!

May it be that today as you walk from the one place to the other, that this is your last walk with SICKNESS/POVERTY/DESPERATION/LONELINESS/FEAR/ETC.
This is the message from Heaven to you TODAY- grab hold of it!
The anointing breaks the yoke and sets you free! When you consider the story of the man of Gadara, who had been possessed by “Legion” we learn something interesting – we learn that we have a capacity to contain!

If you pray for someone, you are not trying to convince Heaven to invade from above. NO! You give of what you already have inside of you – KINGDOM COME, WILL DONE!

You carry an atmosphere, you just need to believe it! The Dove (Spirit) has already come, and He wants to remain on you, but for Him to do that, you must make a decision.

A decision to become DOVE-SENSITIVE– sensitive to Him, His voice, His leading, His ways.

You have been made for His presence and His anointing wants to rest upon you – TAKE IT for yourself in this day, IT IS YOURS!

We are praying for you!
Much love,
Ps Gebhardt and Shannon

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