In Genesis 22:1-14 we read of the time when God asked Abraham to give his only son, Isaac, as a burnt offering to God – and this was after he had waited for years to receive this son.

Can you just imagine the conversation that must have taken place between Abraham and Sarah?

God wanted Abraham to believe him wholeheartedly, and we see Abraham obeying the voice of the Lord and proceeding towards the place God had sent him to for this task even though he was not entirely sure where exactly to go. In the process, Abraham and Isaac had to leave those who accompanied them behind so that they were able to go further as instructed by God. On the mountain, as Abraham was about to kill Isaac, God spoke again. Abraham stopped and listened and God told him not to kill Isaac – Abraham had proved that He would obey God above all else, even if it meant giving up his promise. God then provided a ram to be offered, whilst declaring that He would provide His own Lamb,  and at that place, Abraham had the revelation that God would provide.

From this amazing story, there is so much that we can learn – about God, about ourselves and about this wonderful journey we are on together.

The truth is:GOD WANTS to RELEASE PROSPERITY UPON YOU but you need to listen!God will often ask us to do things in obedience, which might make no sense so that He can do something!

As God did not give Abraham the all the details of where he should go, so God will not always give you all the in-betweens of the journey when He sends us because HE WILL BE WITH YOU ALL THE WAY! We do not need to have all the details before we do what He asks of us because He is with us on the journey and He wants to be an active and continuous voice in our lives.

As in the case of Abraham and Isaac, who had to leave those who accompanied them behind, so there are some people that might go with you to some extent but they cannot grow with you any further! For you to go to the next level you have to have the ability to exercise the “Madagascar anointing” of “Smile and wave”!
Dedication involves separation! When God calls you – get ready for separation – so that He can dedicate you. Being alone is good – being alone means God and a separation of heart unto God is able to take place – do not despise these moments, but embrace them!

You must realize that the friends of your history are the enemies to your destiny! These people will always remember the person you were, and in doing so, will try to prevent you from becoming the person you are meant to be! When you start living your dream – you will find enemies you never thought you had.

The CLOSER ABRAHAM got to his DESTINY THE MORE HE NEEDED TO RELEASE HIS HISTORY! The HIGHER YOU GO the FEWER THE COMPANY! There are too many of us who still allow the STORY of YESTERDAY to DICTATE to our TOMORROW! It is time to let go of what is BEHIND us so that we can possess what is in FRONT of us!

When Abraham reached the mountaintop and lifted the knife, God spoke – if Abraham only responded to and lived according to what God had said (past tense), he would have killed his promise – and he would have done this based on God’s past voice and in the name of God, but God had already moved on.
We cannot live on past revelation! God is continually moving! We cannot try to replicate our yesterday into our tomorrow – we must keep on moving with God! We have to LIVE IN THE NOW WORD OF GOD – FAITH IS NOW! (Hebrews 11:1) 

The truth is that GOD NEVER WANTED ISAAC – HE WANTED ABRAHAM! God did not need the imperfect blood of Isaac because He would provide the perfect blood of His own Son! God does not need our imperfect sacrifices – because He will provide something better! As Abraham and Isaac were climbing up the one side of the mountain – the ram was climbing up on the other side by the prompting of God since rams did not use to go up the mountains so high.

Imagine this: On the one side of the mountain Abraham was climbing up with a problem while on the other side of the mountain God was climbing up with the provision. The problem and the provision do not know about each other, but they meet at the same place – the place of  OBEDIENCE.  If we can make a decision to live a life of obedience – God will supply NEVER-ENDING PROVISION. 

It is time to do what He is saying to you! It is time to be LIONS – will you answer the call and seize your PROMISED PROSPERITY?

We are praying for you!
Much love,
Ps Gebhardt and Shannon

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