In Mark 5:21-43 we read a remarkable event that took place during Jesus’ ministry. Jesus’ boat just made shore when a man named Jairus came to Him, pleading that Jesus would come and heal his daughter who was at the point of death.

Jesus and His disciples immediately left with Jairus to pray for his daughter, and a great crowd was pushing about them. In the midst of this crowd was a woman with a medical condition that no-one could heal, and she was at her last. She spent all she had with nowhere to go – but in front of her there was an answer, SUDDENLY! She let go of everything that could hold her back, all laws and regulations that said she was not allowed to be in a crowd due to her sickness, every restraint was cast off as she chased after the One that was her only answer.

She chased Him. She reached out to Him. She touched Him.

When last did we get so scandalous that we would throw off every single restraint in order to touch Jesus? When last did we let go of our religious mindset and just chase Jesus until could touch Him? When last were we so desperate for Jesus that it did not matter what others said or thought, it did not matter the consequences – the only thing that mattered was reaching Jesus and touching Him.

The woman’s desperation paid off – she received her healing immediately. The story does not end here though – Jairus’ daughter still needed healing, but by the time Jesus arrived at Jairus’ house she was already declared dead. That was, until Jesus touched her.

There’s a place of desperation where we reach out and touch Jesus, and a place where Jesus reaches out and touches us. What a beautiful picture: Jesus on the move, surrounded by people, but only one touches Him, draws from Him. You can be in church your whole life and never touch Jesus.

Maybe you are in a desperate place where you are pushing through the crowd, willing to cast off restraint and touch Jesus, to draw from Him the miracle you need. Or maybe you are in a place where there are dead areas in your life and you are trusting God to touch you – resurrecting things in your life.

Don’t wait, reach out to Him today – make your desperation known to Him, today. Draw from Him, today. This is your day.


Prayer Mail (21 May 2018)
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