I have three girls, a beautiful wife and a fe-male dog – you can say that I am surrounded by women- and it’s all good! I love my kids and I love my wife. I love my family – it’s pure bliss. My kids have learned that they are adored and deeply loved; they believe they can get anything they want as they still think I have all the money in the world. They believe when they ask it shall be done. They are not spoiled, just blessed. I hear the religious moms and dads say, “You should not give too much to your kids because you will spoil them”. Where is that written in the Word? The point that I am trying to make is that kids that know they are loved, have no reference point for having just enough. They believe all things are possible and they simply believe it based on the fact that they haven’t been shown anything else but supply and overflow.

Now think with me, where did we get this wrong with God? Why do we believe in formulas, procedures and protocols before we believe we are worthy to be blessed? Why do we believe more in our wrongdoings than in what we potentially do right all the time? Kids are not always good nor do they always act appropriately, that is why they are kids. If your kids are anything like mine, they will say things at times and places that embarrass you, or they will be the first ones grabbing the cake at weddings, etc. But I like that about kids. They have no pretenses, they live care free lives and they don’t stay up late worrying about bills and deadlines. They are simply kids, who believe that they are loved.

As children of God we should adopt the same attitude of being childlike. We must believe what God says when He says it. We should not have maybe’s in our vocabulary – we must simply believe God. As a Christian and being in church all my life I have struggled with the concepts of how and why people add so many extra things to the Word of God. Why don’t they just simply believe Him? It’s as if we have become complicated in our expression, whereas Jesus said time and time again that we should “become like little children” (Matt. 18:3).

I have seen the most powerful miracles happen when people believe they are loved, and because they are loved they deserve to have more – God’s best. I especially deal with these concepts around relationships and when peo- ple seek my counsel. I have seen many, or even hundreds, marry the wrong people be- cause they have settled for the ordinary when God had the extraordinary in mind. We must never forget that God will not override our will and He will not force us to choose. He wants you to make up your mind and heart freely within the parameters of love and not fear. The fear of the Lord starts with the Wisdom of God, and God gives wisdom without finding fault to whomever so ask of Him. I truly believe we will be super surprised when we get to heaven one day and see the people that have made it. How many there will not be! Only time will tell.

If you look at your life at this moment, how childlike are you? This question can be easily answered by asking how much joy and peace, rest and hope you enjoy. Children are careless as there is nothing to care about. Their biggest concern is to bath quickly and sleep as late as possible. No worries and whims – careless.

Recently I have developed a love for the ocean and especially to fish with my friends. During these times, we just enjoy nature, God, one another along with the the joy of adventure. We forget about the worries and the woes, the checklists and the budgets – we are free. Smiles always finds our faces and laughter fills the house. We make jokes and talk about God, life, marriage, kids and whatever else comes to our hearts. We love these moments because in them we feel free. It was at one of these times away that God said to me that He enjoys me and that He does not just love me, but that He actually likes me. I was surprised by His gesture as I thought I understood love, but God started to show me another way. That love is not an act only, it is a Person. When you meet the Person, you fall in love with Grace and you walk in Truth. Victory becomes a constant companion and faith becomes a pillow. The smile of the Father is what you wake up with and His companionship is what you go to bed with. How and why? I chose to be like a child. SIMPLE!

In today’s world, we get a lot of intellectual fools. They seem to know a lot, yet they miss the true things of life. For how can a man buy peace, rest, joy, hope and faith? We cannot – it is outside the reach of the dollar, the pound and the rand. No currency can reach them, but the currency of faith birthed out of a child-like attitude to seek God above all else and to believe Him.

I really don’t care what you have done. Even when you have committed the worst of sins listed in Scripture, if you believe that you are loved, God will break the bonds of Satan and set you free in a moment. Love wins every time, all the time. But you have to believe like a child again. You have to go to your Dad, climb unto His lap and say, “Hi Dad it’s me the ONE YOU LOVE”! You will see He does not reject nor chases away. He does not scold or rebuke. He envelopes you with His scandalous love and baptizes you in His acceptance. God is love. God is a Father and He loves YOU!

I have the awesome privilege to sit with high profile individuals from time to time. On one such occasion, I sat with brilliant people – the best in the academic world. As they related their story to me of brokenness, sadness, loneliness and depression I could not help to wonder how in the world I am going to help these people. Not my degrees or my intellect would cut it as they were brighter. How would I reach out and touch these people’s lives for the sake of the King? As I sat with them it dawned on me that I cannot give them a formula or a 7-step plan to holiness. The only thing that would help them was a realization of God’s love for them as people, as His kids. And so, to make a long story short that is exactly what I did. I trusted God to reach their hearts and He did, not with intellect, not with reason, not with theology, but with His love. Today they are whole and healed simply through one touch of God’s love.

Can I provoke you to child-likeness once again? Will you allow yourself to let your hair down and to adopt a do-not-care-what-others- say attitude which is soaked in humility? May we all step out as kids again. The world needs it, you need it and I need it. We have to become like children again. Sitting on God’s lap, eating our ice cream, enjoying Jesus and just staying SIMPLE. SIMPLICTY IS MATURITY. This is the way of the Kingdom. Jesus is God, yet He came in a way that all could understand. He could have blown the people away with His deep insights and He would have been right. But He chose to be born in a stable, to die a cursed death so that we can believe and become like kids. It is an insult to God to become anything but!

Prayer Mail (30 April 2018)
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