Every believer is Empowered by God to live a life of influence in the here and now

At Empower Church we believe every believer has the full potential of Jesus Christ within them. We are passionate about God, hungry for more of His Presence and we purposefully seek to save the lost.

Jesus Christ is perfect theology. Empower Church is built on the strong foundations of the Word of God, Worship and being completely led by Holy Spirit. We are passionate and powerful, loving and gentle, lions and lambs mixed together to engage, equip and EMPOWER all of God’s people.

Empower Church has a rich second generation legacy with strong foundations reaching over 3 decades of faithfulness.

Our Vision is to BRING GOD’S KIDS BACK HOME so that they may ENCOUNTER JESUS CHRIST authentically and personally, and to EMPOWER them in His Family and in His Purpose!

Empower Church is currently based in three locations, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, and our Senior Pastors Gebhardt and Shannon Berndt are assisted in their task by a group of Pastors, Associate Pastors, Leaders ,and Volunteers to see His Purpose being established.


Gebhardt & Shannon

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