See that I am doing a new thing. See that a new season is upon you. See and understand that the old cannot be anymore. See and understand that I have called you to cross over. For yes I say to you I have promised you Canaan, so shall it be says the Lord. You shall not remain in your wilderness. You shall not remain with Egypt inside of you. I have selected a people for Myself, says the Lord. They will come up to My Mount Zion and they will worship and praise Me. They will surrender unto Me and I will sanctify them in that day. For I called the people by name and have picked this generation that is now. I see a generation in the future. They will praise and worship Him without limitations. They will work in divine power and authority, signs and miracles will follow them. Then I see with my spirit eyes, fire that is within them. Have I not said what you want to be? Do you want to be part of those that is full of My fire and anointing or do you want to be part of those who see My glory and My power as this planet has not seen before. I say to you I shall shake the heavenly bodies, yes I will. I shall shake everything that can be shaken until My Kingdom prevails and My Kingdom stands. For as I have said through My prophet of old, I say once again now, there is one thing that will stand and that is My Kingdom. Everything will fall and fail and fall away in this time except My Word and My eternal Kingdom. But I say to you, wake up in this hour, do not sleep, do not slumber. Awake now and watch this hour. Watch, for you do not know the coming of the Son of man. I have given you signs and I have sent you many prophets and I have spoken clearly to My Body in this time. You can sense it and you know it. So I say to you, change the wineskins of old, throw off the old thinking, throw off the old understanding, throw off the old perceptions, throw off the old ways of doing, throw off the stale ways of praying, for I am doing something new. I will use the outcasts. I will use those that the world points their finger at. I will use the foolish and the mundane. They shall rise up with great power. I will select you sons and your daughters, yes I will. They will prophecy even from a young age (3,4,5,6,7). They shall go forth with great power and great authority and the world will stand amazed because they will say: What is this that we see, the young prophecy? The young raising the dead? The young casting out devils? So I say to you, return to your childlike faith. Be like a child. For you shall not inherit the Kingdom of God unless you enter it like a child. So I say to you I am doing something new. See it now, understand it now. I have said to you before says the Lord, I will visit the one at the top of this nation and I have visited that one. For South Africa, South Africa, South Africa, South Africa, you shall live. For your bloodshed have reached My ears, Your bloodshed have reached My nostrils. I have had enough. You shall see Revival in your land. I shall awaken the traditional churches again and My Spirit shall go there. There will be great light in the traditional movement in this nation. I shall do a great work inside of them. A great light will shine forth out of the traditional churches. They have sought My Word, so I say, I have not forgotten them.

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