For I will strengthen you, yes I will says the Lord. For I have selected you among the people and I’ve called you by name. you have been mine even before birth says God and you’re mine still. Your freedom and your life is not negotiable for I died for it. And so I say to you in this night, that a clear path shall be in front of you. For I will make a way where there absolutely seems to be no way. I will clear the path. And where you see yourself on a rocky cliff know that as you take the step, there will be a constant path in front of your steps. For I have made a way and I have gone before you. For I am your constant companion. I am the faithful witness. I’m the first born among the dead. I took all your infirmity to that you can take health. I took all your poverty so that you might receive my riches. I took everything upon me so that you may have life, and life abundantly. And so in this night I tell you the truth, surely, surely, surely, nothing will separate you from your worth in me says the Lord. For in this night I send forth and I dispatch angels on your behalf.  And they will cause confusion. And they will cause destruction. For all that has risen up against you in any form, in any way, but I send them, I dispatch them, I dispatch them on your behalf. And know this that there will be confusion in the camp of the enemy, and like it was with David’s son, Jonathan, like it was with David, so it will be with you. I will put the armies to flight and I will bring you deliverance for you have placed your heart upon me as I will deliver you says the Lord. Believe this tonight. Receive this tonight. In Jesus name.

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