I brought you to this place, says the Lord, to remind you that you have been called by Me, to remind you there is a plan and there is a dream and there is a destiny and not hell and not the devil, nor angels nor demons, nor circumstances, nor problems, nor this life or the life to come, will change My mind about you. So I say, I brought you to this place again today, to say to you, I am not done yet. As My Son has decreed for eternity, “so it is finished”, so I say to you, no matter what you face, no matter the circumstances, no matter the challenges, no matter the onslaught, no matter the problem, no matter the storm, I am still Lord of All. So I say to you in this day, because you delight in Me, because you find pleasure in Me, because you have said in your hearts I will seek You above all else, because you have set this place apart for Me, I will accelerate time for you. What should have taken you a year shall take you now a month says the Lord. For I accelerate time in all different aspects of your life. There is some of you that need a breakthrough of healing and so I say it is yours. There is some of you that need a breakthrough in your finances, so I say it is yours. All things is yours says the Lord. I brought you again to this place to tell you I love you and there is nothing that will change My mind. There is nothing that will change My thoughts about you. For your name is engraved on My hands says the Lord. So I say to you, you shall grow and you shall prosper and you shall bear fruit. My Kingdom shall be established in your lives. My plan and My destiny and My dreams shall be realized. The only thing I need says the Lord, is that you will believe Me, you will trust Me. You will again say Lord, take all that I am Lord, here I am. I say to you, even if you are not aware of it right now, I make war for you today. I fight the good fight of faith with you, in front of you, alongside you, behind you, every moment, every second. There will not be one day says the Lord where you will be alone. There will not be one day that you will be forsaken. There will not be one day that I will allow fear, doubt and disbelief to rule the day. I say to you in this day, you are Mine. I will not allow that what Satan has tried to dictate, that what Satan has tried to suggest, the different ways and means of his attack, I will not allow it further says the Lord. In this day I make war. In this day I declare war. In this day I fight for you. The Satanic plan of this nation, for this nation, has been disrupted. For the plan that was written down in the ———— of hell, the plan that was destined for this hour was interrupted because of the prayers of My saints. This plan of death, decay, corruption and fear, this spirit that wanted to destroy the very future, has been stopped, has been interrupted. I put forward My plan. A plan to prosper you, a plan to bless you, a plan to increase you. I say to you it will not be as the people say, it will be as I say. So I put forward My plan and My people shall be called blessed and My people shall be called the redeemed and My people shall walk and talk and flow with unprecedented signs and miracles. For your children shall prophecy and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams, says the Lord. I will visit this generation of young people in this nation, for rebellion has called your name, witchcraft has asked for you, but I will not let it be. I will not allow it. For this generation will be known as the generation of light. They will go forth in great light says the Lord. I see in my Spirit eye: I see Universities change, I see Colleges change. There will come a day says the Lord in the hour ahead, where your schools, where your universities, where your colleges, shall be filled with children, with students, on their knees recognizing Me. In that day you will know that this Word is true. You will know, you will see in your newspapers written, a praying school, a praying church, a praying generation. I will put My church in the newspapers and all major newspapers in this nation says the Lord. You will see My church being written in them. They will cover the headlines of this nation, for I am doing a movement among them that will shake this nation back to the original plan that I had intended for it, says the Lord.


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