I declare to you the word of the King, where there is liberty and there is freedom in. For the Lord will go in front of you and the Lord will strike at your enemy. And your enemy will not have it’s way for there will be one way, one way and that will be he way of the King, that will be the way of Jesus. Let the enemy be scattered, and let this nation know there’s one King, there’s one Lord, there’s one Savior, there’s one Redeemer, His name is Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

As long as there’s consecration, there will be isolation. The world will not be able to touch or draw near. For surely I say unto you I bless you doubly so. In this night I accelerate all things, I accelerate all things on your behalf, I accelerate. And surely you shall testify and surely you shall say this is a year full of wonder,  this is a year full of the goodness of God, this year is a full of Him.

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