For I call worshippers in this hour. I call sons and daughters back home. I call worshippers to come and worship me.

For I tell you the truth, this is not the hour of darkness. This is the hour of light. Do not fear, for I am the one that walks in front of you. And wherever you go I go.

But know it in this night that I make a way for you where there seems to be no other way. And there where there is the greatest opposition, there I will pierce the greatest light. For unleash and I release unto you, a sound that will come to your nation. And you will see many coming from the E, W, N, S, and they will come back to my Father’s house. And you will see the most u likely places where my Spirit will come and rest. And previous places of darkness will be called great light houses. For I have heard a sound says the Lord. And I’ve heard the sound of my sons and my daughters crying out to me. And so, I say unto you it will be easy in this hour. The battle will be easy for it won. But I give you this promise in this night. I give you the promise of salvation. And I give you the promise that never will I leave, and never will I forsake you. But there will be a sound of peace coming upon this nation. For I have waited until this season says the Lord. For I’ve waited until this moment. For many have come, and many have cried out. And so, I say to you, I tell you the truth; South Africa will live. For I will visit your government. And I will visit your president. And I will visit your ministers. And I will visit every single one of them. And you will see. And you will see your sons and daughters running on the streets again. And you will see hope return. And you will see peace return, and you will see joy return. For I have come to call worshippers.

Get out the way, I will deal with them. But as for you. But as for you. Blessed are you. Blessed are you. Blessed are you. For I have not forgotten my promises to you says the Lord of Hosts.




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