Ladies, Holy Spirit just spoke to me,

There’s ladies sitting here, and you are moms. You have been moms, or you are moms and might have kids now, meaning that they are still young now and still in need of you and your kids might be grown and you walking around with this thought: “I should have done more with my life, I can do more with my life.” And I here the Holy Spirit saying to me to tell you that your highest call was not to do greater things for God, but to be a mom. It’s such a high call in the eyes of the Lord that He gave His Son to Mary and you better believe that was a high calling.

God the Father gave God the Son to a human to take care off, so think how much stress was that. That’s a very high call. Never see it cheap. It’s not. It is thee highest call, is to love your kids. Amen




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