29 January 2019 – Prophetic Conference (Night 3) – Ps Gebhardt Berndt

For, I will release into you in this hour, that what my sons and my daughters did not take. I release unto you in this hour, that what they didn’t walk into. That what they didn’t take, I release unto you the mantles that are still resonant on the planet, I release unto you the mandates that are still resonant on the planet. I release unto you the Devine instruction of heaven, that you will multiply and have dominion. Now I give you a charge in this night says the Spirit of the Lord. You will rule and you will reign. You will have dominion over the sea, over the birds of the air, over every creepy thing that creeps on the earth, over every principality, every power, ever wickedness and any ruler of the darkness. In this night I charge you to think like kings. I charge you to think like a royal priesthood. I charge you to think according to the royal bloodline that runs in your veins. Stop thinking small. Think big. Think millions. Think billions. Think nations. He is releasing Destinies of nations that have been taken by the enemy. He has taken a hold of economical systems over this world and God stays He wants it back. I want rulership back. It is mine, it is mine. I paid for it. It is mine. Now I release unto you, business people, nations. You will govern nations, you will govern and rule over nations. Do not think that this is impossible, do not think that it cannot be done. For it can be done. In one day I rose up with Solomon I made him victorious, in one day. Can I not do it with you? Receive the economical systems, redeem it, change it, and pay it forward says the Lord. For I redeem you, I tell you the truth, it does not belong to the evil one. It is yours. You are the sons and daughters of God. It’s yours. Now receive it, receive it. I don’t ask you to do it, I ask you to receive it. I have already done it. I have already done it, now believe. Believe, believe, believe, believe, believe, believe, believe. Thank you Jesus. Believe, believe, believe.

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