God sent me with a divine message to you this morning to say to you: “Don’t be like the armies of Israel. Do not be like the armies of Israel that looked to the Goliath. Be like David that says: who are you? Be like David that says I will not submit to this guy. Be like Joshua. Be like Caleb.”

Let me prophecy to you: If God allows the world to close one door that means a better one is coming.

You are in a season where your enemies needs to co-operate. They need to give. They need to co-operate with God. They don’t have a choice. They don’t have an option. Are there people in the house that says: this is my season, this is my season, this is my season! It is mine, it is mine? My season of health, my season of wealth, my season of provision, my season, my season? It is your season! This is your season of healing. This is your season of breaking through. This is your season of abundance. This is your season where God will use you. This is your season where God will promote you. You were weak, but God says I have made you strong. Because you have made yourself low, I am lifting you up. I am making you higher, higher, higher, so that the world may know. I hear the Lord say, take it for them, they need to take their season, Gebhardt. Take it for them right now. Take it for I have proclaimed it. I have announced it. Take your season! What do you need from God? Take it from Him this morning. He is El-Shaddai. He is the one that has no lack.

Shake it off. God is willing. God has not changed. Shake it off!

For in this day I hear the Lord say: I have once again proved to you that I put your enemies to sleep. When you walk from this place they will be no more. But what you will see is a remnant of them fleeing away but just for a moment. They will not return again. For I have raised the standard in this moment. For everyone that have responded I have raised the standard. For like David of the old days that have put their faith in Me, so I have listened, I have heard and I have responded. For I say to you in this day, be at peace for I have overcome the world. There is a day with you now that you will know Me in a way that you have not yet. For I will reveal Myself in this time to a remnant of a people that have made up their hearts to follow Me. For it is so Gebhardt that they have cried many tears for Me but I have not missed one. There were moments of anxiety, moments of worry but I was never not there. So I give you this, because of My Son and His Victory and His Love that we share for you. For I gave you My Spirit of Love to show you the depth of My love. Even now I see the Lord writing names in His Book of Life. I hear Him say, I will not blot out these names for they are written with blood. Nothing is more powerful than the blood. For there are those that are wary and tired and heavy laden. I give you My yoke now says God. Put it upon you. It is easy. It is light. It is comfortable and it is possible to carry. For so I prophesied through the prophets, the prophet Joel, there will come a time and a day: your young men shall prophecy and see visions and your old men shall dream dreams. I am putting a power on My church in this hour and the world will know through them that I am alive. So I conclude My thoughts with you this morning says the Lord that it has not been by might nor by your power or ability but by My Spirit, by My sacrifice, by My Son. So I say to you, I have removed the yoke. It is yours no longer. It is mine. So I say to you son and daughter, be free, be free, be free! Be free of that that plagues your body. Be free of that that plagues your mind. Be free of that that plagues your soul. Find hope in Me again. I will finish what I have started.

Take someone’s hand: As you stand with your hand in someone else’s hand, so My covenant is with you. I am taking your hand now says the Lord. I will not let it go, I will not let it go! There will never come a time, there will never come a moment in this life or the one there after where you will feel I am not with you. Even though your emotions may say that, it is not so. So I say to you: I will never leave you, I will never forsake you. Never, never, never! In Jesus Name I pray! Amen!

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