I am with you, I haven’t left you, I haven’t forsaken you, I haven’t walked out on you. That day will never come. For you think that your sins are beyond me; they are not. But as a mother hen longs to gather her chicks, so I long for you. And in this day I reach out to you, to let you know, the storm will not be the end, the problem will not be the death, the onslaught will not be the determining factor, for I am your God and I am your Lord, and I am your shield and I tell you the truth, I will go in front of my plans I will protect them with my life. For even though the enemy might come from the left and the right, from the front and the back, he will not draw near to you. For in this Ryan I raise a banner, a banner of victory, a banner of strength, a banner of joy, a banner of power. For I say to you, I raise in this day the banner of victory over your life. It will not be according to what they dictate. On the contrary, as you stand, I will rewrite the story of your life, I will take the tear, I will take the pain and I will use it for your story. This will all turn out for the purposes of the glory of my son. For in the now I say, the season of new life is upon you. The season of new life is upon you. I open up the door, I open up a way and what I have opened, no man, no man shall shut.

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