My favour will find you and my favour will come to you, in all avenues in all areas of your life and so I say to you says the Lord I walk with you I walk in front of you I say to you know walk with me.

And so I release upon you what my Son has said so many years ago so I realise it once again I will make my face shin upon you I will lead you into the land of the living you will not be found among the dead, I will give you peace and I will give you joy and I will give you rest from you enemies.

And so I say to you says the spirit of God; that what was contrary in 2016 will not find it amongst you with in you on in front of you in 2017. For I see even as I prophecy I see how the Lord goes in front of His people and I see The Lord high and lifted up and He’s train fills the temple.

So the hour is here my son where the church grow in signs, wonders and miracles that the record books have not yet recorded.

And so I diminish the failure this year, and I hear the Lord roaring like a lion and I hear the Lord tell them we will see one another very soon, but before that day a great multitude will come from the North and the South and the East and the West and they will know me but I release upon this house in this day every person that is here every person that receive this word says the Lord, I release Heaven back into this house and if you are in this house you shall be blessed says the Lord of host.




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