I prophesy to you in this day, that every door is a voice over your life, that every closed door is a voice that God is introducing you to another realm. I speak the Word of the Lord over your life in this day that as you walk, that as you walk into this month, that the month of September will be a month of wonder, that the month of October will be a month of acceleration, the month of November will be a month of preparation, the month of December will be a month of joy and the month of January will be a month of new beginnings over you. Listen to me, everybody under the sound of my voice, there is seven months ahead of you, seven months of unprecedented change, unprecedented favor, the Lord is going to be on your side. What man has tried to put shut, he is going to make it new. In the midst of your enemies, they will watch you as he touches you, as he helps you and as he anoints you. And the devil will have nothing to say about that.

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