For the enemy has a plan for this hour. And he has strategized and he has put his plans forward. For the enemy has a plan against this nation, says the Lord. And he has strategized and he has performed and he has executed. But, no longer says the Lord. No longer will this be allowed. For there will be a people that will call upon my name. They shall humble themselves in this hour and they shall seek my face. And so I shall bring chaos in the camp of the enemy. Like I did with the Amalekites as I struck them down in that day so I say to you, the enemies of this nation will be struck down. The enemy that war against your souls shall be struck down. For there will be great confusion in the camp of the enemy. For my sons and my daughters of light are awaking up. For I put inside of this generation a spirit and a DNA that will not settle for the mundane, nor normal, nor the ordinary. They will not be above all things and they will leave all things to seek after me. And because they put my Kingdom first and Me first so My power shall be unprecedented upon them. And they shall go forth in great signs of light and power and wonders and miracles. I will use their children and their childrens’ children. I will use the old and the young. For the enemy has whispered far too long. So I say to you recognize the hour that you are in. Do not let your face be casted down but put up your eyes upon the hills for there is where your help comes from. And so I say to you, do not fear, do not be dismayed. There is nothing to fear, there in nothing to be anxious about.

But many has whispered against this nation and said this nation will go down to destruction. But I say to you, not so. This nation shall be a nation of light and it shall be a nation of life. For the enemy’s plans I strike down in this moment and the enemy’s plans I strike down in this hour and there shall become a people that will become dangerous in my light, and Satan will fear them, because they will have no limitation inside of them. They will be full of faith and full of trust and full of belief. And yes many, many, many, many, many, many will be raised from the dead. To remind the world I am still the author of life. And so I say to you I am sweeping through the churches of the world in this hour and I am seeking a man, and I am seeking a woman, that will say Lord, I let all things go for you. I am looking for a people that will trust me, I am looking for a people that will forsake all things and follow me. Are you those people, says the Lord? Will I find you full of faith or will I find you full of worry? Will I find you full of belief or will I find you full of anxiety? For the things of this world is passing and it is passing soon, says the Lord. But before that day the Son of man, before His day, there shall be a glorious bride. There shall be a powerful bride full of the Spirit, says the Lord. And yes many that are here this morning may have doubt and disbelief and I am gonna turn that around. And so I say to you, I strike down the plans of him that wants to kill, steal and destroy. And I make war once again and I declare war as I am the Lord of Hosts, and I declare war on the enemy for your sake.

For I say to you as I have said to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to David, and Daniel and Joseph, to Joshua, to Peter, to James, to John, as I have said to all of them so I say to you this morning, I Am that I Am. And I am still able to open up the red sea, I am still able to crush the walls of Jericho, I am still able to close the lions’ mouths, I am still able to crush a nation and rise a nation, I am still able. But you will see a great sign in your own lives for there is many that have doubted my prayer. There is many that have prayed and doubted. So I say to them why do you doubt when you pray? Why do you have disbelief when you come to me? Do you not know that I am the author of all things good? But so in this day I say to you, I declare war. And this will not be a physical one, this will be a spiritual war. And I will strike down your enemies before you. And you shall enter the land of promise, and you shall enter the land of life, and you shall have abundance. For I strike down the Spirit of poverty and I strike down the spirit of sickness that has come to my people. I strike down debt in this hour, I strike down divorce for my people shall be whole. They shall have life, and they shall be prosperous. For you that take this word, says the Lord, there will be life and life abundantly. For you that believe me, trust in me, hope in me, you shall see signs and wonders and miracles, for my name sake. For as David had reminded, reminded himself, of Sauls’ son that couldn’t walk, so I remind myself in this day of the things in your life that is not operational and I declare to you where there is poverty, where there is death, where there is sickness, where there is dismay, where there is fear, where there is anxiety, I take hold of all of those things, and I make a table for you, in the midst of your enemies.

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