Can this be the day that the Lord arises and His enemies be scattered? Lord I hear in the spirit “Payback Time.” Lord, can this be the day that you payback what the enemy has stolen? Let us prophesy a new word into the atmosphere. It is payback time for every tear, every sorrow, for every problem, for every offense, for every hindrance, that has been caused, let God arise and let His enemies be scattered in Jesus’ name we pray.


For yes I can do things new, I have not stopped being creator God. And so I say unto you, I see the Lord opening up a new door and I hear him say, come and follow me now, leave that what is dead, leave the dead and come with me, leave them and come here for I have something new for you. I don’t need to just redeem, and I don’t just need to change, I can create again. For I hear the Lord say, can I not create for you? Can I not make something new for you? Can it not be the case as Isaiah said, “ Behold I do something new? “ For I say to you in this day, I crush the mountains that are in front of you and I make the valleys low and your enemy is my enemy. But I call the enemy to a day of reckoning now. For I will not put it off until tomorrow. For they that have been ill with you, they that have spoken against you, they that have pointed the finger against you, they that have caused you sleepless nights and has caused you trouble, beware for them says the Lord. For I will reckon with them, for they are my enemies. For they have exalted their tongues against you, says the Lord and I will have nothing of it. For so I say to you, my beloved children, today is a new day. I announce a new day over your life. Behold I am doing something new. Tears will be turned into joy, sadness will turn into hope, bad business deals will turn into awesome business deals, for I am turning it around for you. For you are my beloved, you are my redeemed. And so I say to you, I call to you. I call you back, come to me. For I rise up in this day on your behalf. Your enemies shall be scattered. They will come to you in one way and flee in seven. The arrow by day will not come near to you, nor the enemy by night. For I will hide you in my bosom and I will make you safe under my wings. For so I say to you, take it in this day, that this day is a new day. The old has passed, the new has come, sickness will disappear, financial issues will literally disappear, for I tell you the truth, I am with you. Yes it might be that the enemy is sitting in his stronghold and he thinks he is safe, but I am marching with you on the outside, but I will not put it off until tomorrow says the Lord. I call it now, I call it today, I call it henceforth and I say to you I shall restore to you that what the enemy has stolen from you, that what the enemy has tried to take from you. I will not just repair, I will not just redeem, I will create something brand new. And even though enemy might say whatever he wants to say, his voice shall be silenced in this hour. For I am your God, I am your God, I am your God, and I go in front of you and I make a way where there seems to be no way. Take it for you in this day for I am making it a new day for you, says the spirit of the Lord.

I love you, I am for you, I am with you, everyday of your life. I will not leave, I will not forsake. I will not depart from you. I am with you. I was faithful in the beginning and I will remain faithful all the days of your life. I will never let go of you. I will never loosen my grip for I am faithful says the Lord and in this day for all of you, I rewrite your story, and I write into it – Victory. I write into it – Triumph. I write into it – Conqueror. I write into it – Blessed. For from this day,  I say to you and I tell you the truth, I will make war with your enemies. I will make war with your enemies. And you go to rest and you go to sleep and you go to bed for I will war against them. I will fight them. I will break their backs. I will destroy them right in front of you. For they have not insulted you, they’ve insulted me. But as for you, you will inherit vineyards that you didn’t plant, houses you didn’t ask for, vehicles you didn’t pay for, peace you didn’t request, joy you didn’t want, companionship you didn’t ask for. As for you, you shall be called highly favored by God. You shall be called redeemed of the Lord, you shall be called blessed in every area of your life. I call over your lives. Blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed, says the Lord of hosts. You are blessed.

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