For I am invading the planet with My doxa glory says God, and in this hour and in this time I am shifting things and I am moving things for My Son. I am shifting things that are moving things for the Kingdom’s sake. And My presence will become a usual experience. You will find Me in your midst says the Lord, in every ounce in every turn and every corner you will go I will be there. For I am about to flood this planet with my doxa My glory says the Lord. And hear the sound of the Spirit, hear the sound of deliverance, hear the sound of praise, and hear the sounds of wonders, signs and miracles. For I say to you in this day My children: I am visiting you in a new way, in a brand new way, in a brand new season, in a brand new time for a brand new purpose says the Lord. Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen to My Word says the Lord. Listen!

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