I feel that, as King David said, my soul thirsts for you as a deer panteth for the water brooks. A deer goes to the water for two reasons. 1. Because they are hungry and thirsty and 2. Because an enemy is chasing them and when they hit the water their sent is lost. Water is the presence of God. It is in the highly place, the secret place of the Most High God that the enemy cannot find you. Hide under this glory says God. I want to report, I want to pour out, I want to clothe you with My Power. I want to infuse you with My Power. My Power from on high. For then you will be known as a people saturated by the Power of God. You will be a people saturated with God. I hear the Spirit of the Lord say to me, I don’t want you to be dignified. I want the twentieth hungriest, thirstiest people to run forward right now.

I hear the Spirit saying we must impart our hunger. There is right now an open heaven, a portal. I hear the Spirit of God say to me: As Jacob had a dream with the ladder going up into heaven and he called that place Beth-El, the house of God, the gateway to heaven. Right here I see a ladder going up into heaven. I see the Angelic Host beginning to pour out oil from heaven upon those who are saying: I am hungry. Father fill me, activate me with a holy hunger, with a holy thirst. I am desperate, I am passionate, I am aggressive to make your presence priority in my life. I hear the Spirit of God say to me, HCCN will not be a place where the Spirit will depart from. I hear the Spirit of God say that this will be a place of Power, this will be a place of the Supernatural, this will be a place of My Glory, this will be a place where I am going to raise up Apostles and Prophets and Evangelists and Pastors and Teachers and Politicians. I will put My Spirit upon them and they are going to be Nation Shapers. Cry out for the nations to be your inheritance. I hear the Spirit say: many people have heard about moves of God. I hear the Spirit of God saying to me that the time of hearing only about something is over. There is a new season being ushered in where you are not only going to hear but you are going to see with your eyes. I am going to pour out three levels of faith says the Spirit. There are those who stand on the seashore, they watched the disciples going into the storm. The ones on the seashore are the Spectators. Those that got into the boat, they are called Participators. But then there is a third generation, they are like Peter. When Jesus calls them, they don’t mind the waves, they don’t mind the reality of water, they don’t mind the storm. They are the Risk Takers and Demonstrators of the Kingdom of God.

The Spirit of God says to me it is payback time. The heavens are going to open and He has ordained this City. I see how some has failed. I see how some were taken out. I see how God says I always have somebody prepared. I heard Him saying to me there is a remnant of people in this place that I have been preparing to carry the movement of the Glory of God and of the Supernatural. I shall cause My Light to shine in this place. I shall cause a remnant that I have been training up to go out into war and to be armed for battle as I pour out the Spirit of Revival upon this nation once again. This nation will play a major role in the end time of the realm of the Spirit. The Lord is saying: As My Son walked this nation, as He was on his way to be crucified, as somebody from Africa helped Him carry the cross, so Africa shall play a main part in the end time strategy.

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