I see a wave of healing. I see a wave of the Spirit of Healing. I hear the Spirit say: respond to Me, respond to Me. I am the Healer still. I am the God of breakthrough still, respond to Me. I want to fill you up, respond to Me. I want to give you breakthrough, respond to Me. I want to give you healing, respond to Me. Respond to My presence, says God. Respond to My presence. Your Spiritual condition is shown by how you respond. Respond to My presence.

I hear the Angels singing: Holy, holy, holy. Holy is the Lord Almighty. I see the King. I see the presence of the Most High. I hear the Spirit of the Lord say to me: I am about to visit South Africa in a way you have never seen before. I hear the Spirit of the Most High whisper to me: Don’t be afraid of those that speak in the dark because I am going to do something in the light that is going to astound this nation. I say to you I will go to the very top of this nation and I will remove that one and then I will go and remove everyone from that place says the Lord. For I say to you that blood has cried out to Me in the nation of South Africa. I heard the blood cries of this nation and I say to you, revival is upon South Africa, revival is upon South Africa. My Spirit will visit you in this hour says God. I will do signs and I will do wonders, I will do miracles among My people. And My people will empty hospitals and My people will change this nation says God. For I will send young warriors into schools and schools will be changed, schools will be transformed. I will send My young warriors into Universities and My young warriors will change Universities. For I am about to do a great work in your nation says God. Do not fear what you see in the newspapers. Do not fear what Satan suggest to you in this hour for I am about to bring great rights on this nation says God. For I have brought My Spirit to this place. South Africa, South Africa, South Africa. You have My attention, you have My attention. I will visit you in this hour. I will visit your homes, I will visit your wives, I will visit you children, I will visit your grandchildren. And those that are barren in this time will get a breakthrough. I say to you and I prophecy to you: death to debt, death to debt. For I say to you South Africa, My ears and My eyes is upon you in this hour. For I see a great light coming out of this city. I see a multitude of the remnant that have been separated unto Myself in this hour and in this time. There will be sons full of fire, they will be full of My fire says the Lord. I will put My fire in their bones and they will be like Elijah. They will run faster than the chariots. They will take hold of My mantle, they will know and destroy the works of the evil one. For this is your hour says the Lord. This is your righteous hour says the Most High. Do not sleep, do not be dormant but rise up in this hour. Stand with Me, come and take your place with Me. For it is time for My children to have dominion over this nation says God. For the earth itself is crying out for My sons to arise and so I say to you in this hour: Arise My sons, Arise My daughters, for the glory of your Lord has risen upon you now.


The walls are crumbling down …………………………


I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven …………………………..


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