Where unprecedented power, signs and miracles will flow out of this church, says the Lord. For I say to you, do

not fear, do not fear, do not fear. Do not fear the one that wants to roar against you in this hour. Do not fear the

plans of the evil one. Do not fear his suggestions. For there has been many suggestions. But do not fear of those

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because I am with you. So they have said South Africa will die, and so they have said corruption will have its day,

so they have said that poverty and dismay and destruction and chaos will have its day, but so I say to you it will

not be, says the Lord. For in this day I strike down the plans of Satan. I strike down the vale voice of the accuser.

He that wants to rise himself up against Me in this hour. But quite on the contrary says the Lord, I will use my

people in this day and in this hour my power will come in their midst and they will be sons and daughters of light,

sons and daughters of power. For the time has arrived, the time has arrived for the sons of God to awaken.

For the old cannot go in with the new. The old way of thinking cannot go in with the new way. For I say to you as I

said before, it is time for you to inherit that what I have promised you. I have called you to a life of purpose. I have

called you to an abundant life. Do not be sucked down, do not be caught up, do not put your focus on the things

of the world. Because the things of this world is passing by, yes it is, for the time is drawing near. But before that

day comes my bride will arise. And so I say to you I am sweeping through the churches of this world. I am cleaning

out the house. I am cleansing my bride. I am bringing it back to power. She will be the ruling force in the universe

and she shall be the ruling force on this earth, says the Lord. Before the great day of the Lord. For I will come back

for a victorious bride, yes I will. One that is in strength, one that is in power, one that is in might. For those that

trust in their own plans and their own thinking and their own ways of doing will find it futile in this hour, for the

plans of man has failed and will fail. But he who do not depend on his own self but depend on me and do not lean

onto his own understanding, but acknowledge me in all of his ways, that man, shall prosper.

For I say to you I have made war against certain Spirits in this nation, for I have had enough of them says the Lord.

I have had enough of the Spirit of poverty and bloodshed. The cry of the innocent is too much. And I say to you,

yes you Hatfield Christian Church North, says the Lord, you shall be known as a house of visitation. And you shall

be known as a house of my presence. You shall be known as a people of praise and worship. For do not despise

that what is small in the beginning. Do not despise small beginnings. For I say to you and end shall be known. For I

will come out of this place and many households of faith in this hour, and I have already called my sons and my

daughters, I have selected them by name. And so for you, that are here today, says the Lord, for you that have

sought out for me, for there is a remnant here that have called out to me, they have said they will not be satisfied

with the ordinary. They have said they will not be satisfied with the mundane, they have said they will not be

satisfied with traditions and religion. They have put their hearts upon me Gebhardt. And so I say to them that

have put their hearts upon me, for in this hour I shall be found. You that are in hopeless situations, you will find

hope. There where there is destruction there will be life. There where there is poverty, there will be abundance.

For I will contradict every contradiction and every onslaught of the enemy in this day. And my people will arise,

yes they will. And it shall be like in the days of David where they shall dance and praise before my Arc, and My

presence will go out before thee, and my people will follow that presence. For I will, yes I will, cause chaos in the

plans of Satan. Let go of the things of this world and take hold of me. For as I said to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as

I said to Moses, I am, that I Am. I am still the One that was, and is, and is to come.


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