For things are changing in the spiritual realm yes, it is, for even now as I see, I see a change coming upon the nation of South Africa. For there has been a seasonal shift, a changing of the guards. And I hear the Spirit of the Lord whispering to me even now, that you will see great change in the nation of South Africa, yes great change. Great change will come for those who have called upon my name, but you will see grace from the highest office right through every office of power. There will be great change. For I will go to the one at the top, as I have spoken in the past and now I say to you once again, that I have a man prepared for this hour, yes I have, a man that will stand with the word of the Lord in your parliament, in the highest office of power and will declare that Jesus Christ is Lord. And South Africa will not go down in destruction no it will not. It shall be called a nation of light, a nation of hope, a nation of strength. And people shall return to this nation, those that have fled, those that have sought for other borders, so says the Lord, they will come back, they will from the north, the east, the south and the west. And they will say this is the land flowing with milk and honey. This is the land of our forefathers and this is our land. For I have raised up a group of people in this hour who will not stand up for this injustice, the strife, the corruption, the bloodshed and murder that has gone before. No they shall not. They shall stand for light, they shall stand for my word. And so I say to you, open up your eyes and see for the deliverance of the nation is at hand. For I’ve heard and I’ve answered and so shall it be in Jesus name, so shall it be amen and amen.
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