Behold I am doing something new, I have called you by name, I have set you apart. The very hairs of your head are counted but so let it be known you are highly favoured, you are redeemed by the blood., you shall fulfil the call, the assignment, the plan and the agenda set out by Me says the Lord of Hosts. And I hear the Lord say tell them, “I declare war in this day on every enemy of My children, for the Lord has arisen and let His enemies be scattered in this day “ says the Lord, O Lord, my God, my King.

From this moment, I the Lord declare over your life that what was written shall be done. I cancel every report of negativity, death or destruction and I release upon you the destiny, the plan, the purpose and the assignment of Myself says the Lord of Hosts. As you go into this day and the next, you will find that wealth will find you, health will find you, prosperity will find you, prosperity will find you. Your enemies shall be scattered, problems shall disappear, it will just evaporate in front of me. For I am the Lord your God, that delivers, that delivers thee. In Jesus name I pray as a son of the most high God.

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