And the seasons have shifted says the Spirit of the Lord, and the seasons have moved. For I have shifted seasons over this nation. I’ve shifted seasons over your life. Do not be like yesterday no more, no, no more. For I enter you into a new day says the Spirit of God. For even now I see how your feet is in the door into a new day says God. I’ve shifted the seasons and the days for you. There are many of you who stand in the door and shake. You’re tired and you’re weary, but I see you says the Lord. And in this night I came to empower you. This night I came to strengthen you. This night to tell you greater things is to come. But I say I shift seasons. I move things. I shift seasons. I change the day. For a new season is here, change of God has happened. For those that desire to come deeper with me, for those that desire me, there will be a separation now. There will be a separation between those that say they know me and those that seek me. For I will bring a great separation says the Spirit of the Lord, yes you will see a great separation even in My church. I will eliminate some, for those that are thirsty and hungry for my righteousness. The fear of the Lord shall return to the house of the Lord. The people shall fear My name. For behold I am about to do great and mighty works amongst you and in you and through you. For a new portion, yes a new measure of my Spirit shall be released in this hour. And those who hunger and thirst after righteousness blessed are they. For they shall not be disappointed in this hour says the Spirit of the Lord, for I take you into a new place, a new place.
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