So it will be says the spirit of God. There will not be drought in this nation. For your newspapers have said so,

but I say not so. For I say once again fill the dams and rivers of this nation. I am looking for a people that will

humble themselves and pray, and seek my face. And so I say to you there shall be no drought in this nation.

For listen to Spirit this night, says the Lord. Listen to me, to me now. For i bring judgment, against innocent

blood in this nation. The blood of the innocent has cried out to me. I will bring swift judgment now. For the

have lifted their voices against me, and said, we will make this nation ungovernable. I have heard them, says

the Lord, I heard their voices, it's not a man says the Lord it's not through a man. Because the war is against

the spirit. So I strike on the very heart of this nation and I will remove the one at the top. Then I will remove

them one by one, and I will put my man there says God a man that will fear me and once again your

parliament will be open by prayer not by the facilitation of all so called gods but by the living God.


My people shall rise up in this hour yes they will and they shall call the clouds and it shall rain. So I say to you

do not fear for the first week in October holds your rain. For they have said el-Nino, el-Nino, el-Nino and every

time I hear that word I say El-Shaddai. I am the one that provides. And so as my people pray in this hour as

they humble themselves and pray for this nation as I have said so many times says the Lord, this nation shall

be a nation of light for I’m sending my Evangelists into this nation and they will go and get My sons from the

East, the West, the North and the South. Do not fear, do not be dismayed, and do not be anxious, and do not

worry, do not be concerned for I say to you there shall be no drought in this nation. And so Father; I prophesy

against the breath and I prophesy rain over South Africa and Father I come against every principality every

power every wickedness of high places and we bind you over South Africa. And Father as surely as I am a

prophet, Father, so I prophesy to the breath as you said to the prophet Ezekiel prophecy to the breath and

Father so I prophesy to the breath in this night that there shall be rain in this nation. For I still do not do

anything, says the Lord, until I reveal it unto my prophets. And so I say to you there shall be no drought in this

nation, so Father we prophesy against the winds of the east and I prophesy against the winds of the north and

I say to you wind you shall bring the rain and I prophesied to you breath you shall bring it.


And the dams of this nation shall be filled the rivers systems of this nations shall be filled I see, for I see, I hear

the sound of rain, and I see and hear the sound of the rumbling of the waters and the roar of the river systems

will be heard and the dams will be full and I will do it swiftly says God. Do not be concern, do not be dismayed.

For I say to you I am doing two things in this nation simultaneously; I am doing judgment to the very top and I

am placing My people into positions of power for I called this nation by name. I bring the judgment because of

the bloodshed says the Lord the innocent bloodshed that have reached my ears.

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