As I sense in my heart the Lord says the first miracle of today is the miracle where he prepared you to come to

this place in this day.

The Lord reminds me in my spirit and He says; He says do not think , do not think I have not prepared you for this

day, do not think that I have not drawn you here by my spirit, do not think that I do not have a plan and a purpose

in your life.

And the Lord says that He is drawn you here for you are still in the kingdom of darkness yet His spirits spoke to

your spirit and brought you here with a fresh hunger for God and the Lord says now is the time that I extend the

invitation to you to walk into my kingdom the Lord says yes it is not the part ship past the preaching the Lord says

yes it is not the music the Lord says yes it is I that have been preparing your hart and I am speaking to your spirit

from My holy spirit that can speak to any spirit and any soul and every person and unto you I say today I give a

fresh invitation I give a new invitation to walk from darkness to light -the biggest miracle od miracle’s.

And if that is you pray this prayer in your hart after me: I think we should all pray this prayer aloud, lets pray it:

Thank you Lord Jesus that you forgive me my sins that Lord in this day I receive you as my Lord and my saviour

Lord forgive me my sins wash me clean with the blood of Jesus Christ, Lord please write my name in the book of

life. Thank you Lord that my sins are forgiven that my sins are washed away that I am now your child I am now

your son and your daughter you are my King and my Lord, Lord I give my Life to you today in the mighty name of

Jesus Amen and Amen.

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