And so father it an honor tonight to bless your people to pronounce over them, you will be above and not beneath, the head and not the tail, you shall be called highly favored, esteemed, redeemed, blessed by God. You will be blessed in the city, blessed in your going and blessed in your coming. You will never have lack. Prosperity will find you, the blessings of God will come to you and the enemy will fear you. The anointing will overflow from this day and your children shall call you blessed. There will be no lack, not physical lack, not a spiritual lack, not any lack in any man and any woman in this place ever again. I anoint your head anew with oil says the Lord. Your trespasses I remember no more. For I was bruised for your iniquities, I was crushed so that you might be healthy and upon me al your sins have been laid. This night I remove from you (Jesus speaking) all your burdens, I have removed them, and they are no more. Cast them on me and let them be. May they not come back. And I pronounce over you says the Lord, a new wine will come out of you. A new dispensation of flavor, a new dispensation of blessing. New signs, wonders and miracles is about to come say Jesus. I will do new signs, wonders and miracles upon the earth. And people will ridicule and the world may point there fingers, but know this I am coming. I am coming. I am coming and I want you to know, I am coming for you. You are my beloved, oyu are my desire, I’m coming for you. But until then, know this, I have my eye on you. You are blessed from this day, everyday in Jesus’ name.
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