I hear the Lord say to you, forget about yester year, forget about the day of tomorrow, but also forget about the day of yesterday, because in the days of yesterday you stumbled and you fell when your attitude was not the way it should have been. The sin that you have sinned, I have forgiven you. The Lord says forget about yester year. Forget about the day of the past, forget about the day of yesterday, because it will be the day of yesterday that will mess up your future that I have for you. And truly says the Lord this morning, I have a plan, I have a purpose for you that have come to My house in this day. Just because you came, I say to you that My plan and My purpose in your life shall not fall to the ground, as not one word that I have spoken shall be void. It will accomplish what pleases Me. So in your heart you can smile because I am God. In your thoughts you can rejoice for I know your thoughts. Even before you were born, before you started thinking, I knew every thought until the day of your end. For I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. Yes, even the words you have spoken in yesterday, even the words you have spoken in your bed chamber, I know. Even the words that you will speak in the days of tomorrow and the tomorrows after the tomorrows, I know. But it does not change that you are My son and My daughter. Yes I say unto you this morning you are My son and you are My daughter. I just love you!




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