Can I share a secret with you, I see heavenly beings, I’m not sure whether they are angels but I see heavenly being’s throwing out presents, but it’s like they just throw, throw, throw, throw. I just see them cast the presents out, those presents is in big boxes shiny boxes, with golden things around, they just pour out of heaven, they just they just pour out of heaven.

Listen to me listen to me, listen to me: do you know what’s happening this morning? Or what’s busy happening? You’ve got the heavenly host moving, you’ve got heaven moving with us, if you listen closely between the songs you will hear songs that you have never heard before, for heaven is moving with us, we as a church has never been in a place like this, never. Can I say to you, can I say to you, it is when man, it’s when man make a decision. It’s when man makes a decision to say what is more important: my life is the hand of God in my life. What is more important in my life is the presence of God in my life. I’m so hungry Lord for Your presence, I am so hungry that I say unto my flesh that you will wait for the Kentucky Chicken, you will wait for it because now my soul is filled with everlasting water and the presence of God is clocking me and the presence of the Lord is like a clock around you – that is what I see in my spirit as we worship. That’s why I close my eyes because I see, I see things that I never seen before and I can say to you… I want to say to you today you have done well in the eyes of God, Well, Well.

And be prepared, be prepared as we move from Sunday to Sunday, from morning to evening, hear my words hear my words again and know: I again prophesy like I prophesied for 13 to 14 years: the day will come when the presence of God is going to be so strong that we will be here   1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 4o’clock and the sun will go down but the presence of God will go to 8 o’clock on 9 o’clock and 10, and the presence of God will be so strong that when the neighbours come to complain, when they get on the property, they will be slain with the spirit and those that are not born again will be born again, and people will walk out, listen to me: people will walk out of this place completely healed, completely free from every evil spirit, from every demon, from every witchcraft, from every curse and you will walk out of this place free. I want to ask you this last question, I want to ask you this question: if you take how you felt when you come in to this service and you came in, you came in partner of my flesh you came in, and how you feel now, filled, filled, filled with the presence of God. Why because you opened your heart and you said: Lord we will not turn around but we will step into the Holy’s of Holy’s, we will step into your throne room. My last sentence: “O” that song of Jesus is the centre of my life, like in my head the whole time. Ushers where are you? Ushers you better be strong now because these people are going to give unto God like you never seen, you’re bags are going to be too small.

I just want to leave this last thing for you my precious people, precious people, precious people if you will push through with me and with Ps Gebhardt and with all the other pastors, if you will push through with me this what has happened today has been my dream for 13 to 14 years, years. I have been praying for this time that the church will enter the holy’s of holy’s as when I take my guitar and I sit at home and I worship the Lord, and I begin to sing in the spirit and I feel I move from the outer court to the inner court to the most holy’s of holy’s. It’s like I sit on the lap of God and I worship Him and He gives to me new songs and I play songs and I play chords that on Monday morning or the next day I want to play that but I can’t play that song . It’s like the Lord is supernaturally equipping me as I play.

Now listen to me, listen to me: when you step in like you stepped in today God begins to empower this team, they have learned that they will also open there heart in a new way, because God is going to give unto them chords and ways of playing the instruments like they have never played before. And God is going to give them new songs and new hymns and new things. It is the spirit of God that enables us.


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