And I tell you the truth says the Lord, for I will pour out fresh oil upon my people. And they will be highly favored in all that they do. They will do greater works than what I have done. And I pour out new oil in this day, says the Lord, new oil that will come from my head to my beard unto you. For you will be refined in the fire, and you will burn in the night. Yes I say unto you, it will be like liquid gold that will come upon in this day. For know that in this day, I make you the head and not the tail, I put you above and not beneath, in all of your ways you shall prosper. For I tell you, that what I’ve held you back, will be there no more, that what has hindered you shall suddenly fall away, that what has resisted you, I will destroy. I have not come to negotiate the terms, I have come to destroy the works of the evil one. I have not come to negotiate the yoke, I have come to destroy the yoke. And so I say to you an unprecedented time is now upon you where you will be free and you will laugh and you will shout and you will dance with a new joy, with new hope, with new life. For I tell you I will deal with your enemy, I will work with them. They will know if all and they will say surely there’s a God in this house, there’s a God with these people, they will say “who are they with them? What is this power that goes with them? What is this favor that goes with them? “ For I tell you the truth I will strike down the Amalekites, and I will strike down the Hitites, and I will strike them on your left and on your right and in front of you. And as for you and as for your house, I will bless you all the days of your life and they shall call you blessed, they shall call you favored and they shall call you prosperity and they shall call you prosperous for I tell you I make a way where there seems to be no way and in the very places they have said there will be a wilderness, I say to you not so. There will not be a wilderness, there will be a forest. For I will do a new thing. Will you not perceive it? I will do a new thing in your life. Don’t worry about yesterday, don’t worry about what some say. Listen to my voice says the Lord, for I will do a new thing, I will do a prosperous thing, I will make you overflow, I will call you my abundance in this days says the Lord. For I will not allow the enemy to dictate the future. For I have paid it with my blood. It is mine. It is yours. And so I say to you, I strike down at the heart of your enemy in this day. I strike the heart of him and he shall fall to the side yes he will. But as for you, you shall be called blessed. You shall be called highly favored, you shall be called redeemed of the Lord. And they will say you are blessed, you are redeemed. And I say to you abundance will come to your house, abundance will come, overflow will come, and it will be so quickly that none will understand it. People will ask where does this come from and you will say, it is the wonder of God, the wonder of God,

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