So I hear the Lord say to me my son and my daughter, Today I give you rest, rest from your enemies rest from the attacks of Satan, rest from your enemies.

For I anoint you in this day, says the Lord, I anoint your head with oil, I anoint you with the very being of the substance of my Son says the Father.

And what these attacks have been, and the onslaught has come your way. Know this says the Lord that I’ve been with you, I’ve never left you, I’ve never forsaken you, I’m always there.

And so the Lord says; that from this day there shall be rest from your enemies.

And so I call back to life says the Lord; I call back to life what I’ve promised you. Even though it may seem dead, even though it may seem dying, even though it may seem gone it’s not. For I have promised Abraham a son and I did not look to Abram, I looked to myself to perform the miracle and I did it says the Lord; and so I’ll do it for you.

Believe me this morning, receive from me says the Lord; receive from me for it’s yours.



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